Mixing it all up …

As the proverb goes–a man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs (and sometimes redirects) his steps.

That’s part of learning to follow Him. And that’s okay with me.

One of my recent “re-directs” is this blog. I’m not going to be posting to this site after today. But … I will be posting similar content on my personal blog (at http://cindypowell.org).  I’ve even changed the name of that blog to … wait for it …

Deeper Waters.

Confused yet?

Basically I’m changing addresses for this blog. So if you enjoy the posts here but don’t currently subscribe to my other blog (which used to be called Simple Faith) just click here, hit the subscribe button, and you won’t miss a post.

The Lord has been birthing some changes in my life for a while. It has been an unfolding adventure for several months now (with more unfolding to come). One result of it all is that I will (hopefully) be starting a new blog soon focusing on bringing awareness to the issue of human trafficking. Since it ultimately makes more sense to start that blog with a brand new domain address, I was left with two personal blogs and only needed one. The other site won simply because I’ve had it much longer and there is much more content there. But this theme won, because it’s where my heart is right now.

So if anyone managed to follow all that, I would love to have you come head into deeper waters with me at my long-term personal blog site: cindypowell.org.

See you out in the deep!

Where I Stand

I scribbled this little poem in my journal some time ago while enjoying the peace of His presence in the midst of a picture-perfect sunshiny day. I ran across it again recently and decided to post it here.

Where I Stand
You kiss my face with sunshine
Tickle my ears with the breeze
Wrap Your arms around my heart
And fill me with Your peace

I’ll kiss Your heart with yearning
Delight Your ears with my praise
Wrap my arms around Your Word
As I live to seek Your face

I can’t be moved by heartache,
Loneliness, or pain
When I’m living in this moment
All loss is for my gain

In glimpses of eternity
You’re teaching me Your ways
Capturing blissful, holy moments
In the beauty of today

I’m embraced by Eternity
I’m authored by I AM
Present in Your Presence
…This is where I stand

From His Heart to Yours: May 3, 2014

We love Him because He first loved us.  —1 John 4:19

Do you know the way you move My heart, beloved one? Do you know how much I love to be with you; how much I long to hold you close? When you keep yourself at arms distance because of some perceived sense of unworthiness, you don’t honor Me–you deprive Me of the intimacy I long to share with you. I know you do love Me, beloved, and the mere thought of your love thrills My heart and fills me with unspeakable joy. I created you for love–to be loved by Me and to love Me in return. When you allow yourself to receive my love, you’re not being selfish or weak, you are simply allowing Me the pleasure of doing what I love to do. And I love to love you!

I know you desire to love Me and others well–and I’m glad–but you can’t give away what you don’t have. The depth of love you have to give away–to Me and to others–is directly related to how much of My love you allow yourself to receive. But even more than that, I want you to receive My love as a simple act of faith – as a simple act of trust – and as a simple pleasure I desire to share with you. Lay aside your many ways of trying to earn My love and simply receive My love for no other reason than the fact that I love to love you. Open your hands, open your heart, breathe deeply and drink from the vast ocean of My love. When you do, you move My heart in ways that are beyond your comprehension. What’s more, you give Me one of the greatest gifts a Father could ever desire–the opportunity to pour My life into the life of My beloved child.


What a strange and wonderful thought–to think we can actually move the heart of God! To think that He longs to love us, simply because He loves to love. To think that we actually take something away from Him, when we don’t allow ourselves to receive His love and affections. We’re just not wired to think that way. We’re usually so focused on how we’re doing that we don’t take the time to stop and realize how much He enjoys being with us; how much He enjoys loving us (whatever that looks like to each one of us individually). Our God is the perfect Father and He has no greater joy than seeing His children walk in truth. And this is the truth: you are a dearly loved child who brings great joy to the heart of your Father. YOU move His heart … and HE loves to love you!

Thank You Lord, for the unfathomable riches of Your love. Help me to receive more and more of Your love–that I might have more love to lavish right back upon You.


“Love Letters” are simple messages from His heart to yours, posted at the beginning of each month. To read others, click here.


When I gaze into Your eyes
I see the love that died for me
The love that saved me
The love that called me
To Your side

When I gaze into Your eyes
I’m healed
I’m whole
I’m all You created me to be
When our eyes meet
Heaven and earth collide
Into an infinite symphony of love

When I gaze into Your eyes
I’m one with You
Intimately intertwined
Wholly known
Wholly accepted
Wholly loved
In You

When I gaze into Your eyes
I enter eternity
Right here
Right now
Forever begins
When I gaze into Your eyes


I Remember

I remember what it was like to be blind
But now I see

I remember what it was like to be dead in my trespasses
But now I’m alive in Christ

I remember what it was like to live in darkness
But now I walk as a child of the Light

I remember what it was like walk in constant worry and dread
But now my mind knows perfect peace

I remember what it was like to feel like an orphan who never belonged
But now my spirit cries out “Abba! Father!”

I remember what it was like to be afraid of everything
But now His perfect love has cast out fear

I remember what it was like to live bound in the shackles of my shame
But now the truth has set me free

I remember what it was like to live in constant heartache and pain
But now He’s turned my mourning into dancing

I remember what it was like to live in lack
But now I have all and abound

I remember what it was like to be empty
But now I’m filled with the fullness of Christ

I remember what it was like to live without hope
But now I have this hope as an anchor for my soul

I remember wondering if the night would ever end
But now joy has come in the morning

Because …


On this day–I remember. I remember Love. I remember Him. I remember His sacrifice. I remember His promises. I remember peace. I remember the hope I have in Him. I remember the price He paid to redeem me.

I remember He thought I was worth it. 

(He still thinks I’m worth it. He thinks you’re worth it too.)

And I think He is worthy of all of my heart, all of my soul, all of my worship, and all of my life.

There will always be a lot of things in life I don’t understand. There will always be mystery. Often there will be pain. But this I know …

I once was blind but now I see.

So today…

I remember.

Memorization (by Lisa Henneke)

Beautiful words from my friend Lisa about the astounding reality of His perfect knowledge of every nuance of our being. I’ve also posted a link to the song–You Know Me–that inspired the poem.

You have memorized every part of me….
Every nuance of what makes me unique
The very intonation of my being
I am a beautiful melody laid out
Designed to make your heart race
Your love is boundless and without any boundaries
Oh how that truth impacts my heart
The breadth and depth of your love
Changes the cadence of my heartbeat
It syncopates it with Your own
Into an endless symphony only we can hear
A tender dance of intricacy and beauty
And every time I enter in, You expand my capacity
You stretch the tent pegs of my heart ever so tenderly
Stitching my very soul to Yours
My holy anticipation is knowing that
I will spend eternity memorizing You….

Lisa Henneke is a wife, mother, grandmother, artist, intercessor, and above all, a passionate lover of Jesus. Click to visit the FB page for her art: Altered Relics Studio


From His Heart to Yours: April 2, 2014

“It is finished!”

—John 19:30

Come closer, beloved. The veil has been torn. The door is standing wide open. I’ve made a way for you to come boldly into My presence. Come closer. There is nothing stopping you. The only thing that can keep us apart is your own unbelief. Don’t punish yourself by allowing your perceived inadequacies to keep you from My love. When you fail, or feel stuck, or undisciplined, or whateverit doesn’t affect what I think about you, but it often affects what you think about you. And what you think about you affects how much of My grace you allow yourself to access. I am still both the Author and Finisher of your faith. Your part is to simply agree with what I’ve already said—and with what I’ve already accomplished. It is finished! Nothing you do—good or bad—can add to, or take away from, what I already purchased with My own blood. Come closer, beloved. Rest your weary head on My shoulder. Lean into the patience and kindness that is always in My heart for you. Allowing foolish guilt and condemnation to keep you from My embrace, not only keeps you feeling burdened and weighed down, but it also deprives Me of your cherished companionship. Come closer, beloved—because I want to be with you.


If we were to be honest, most of us have times when we think the GOOD news really is just a little too good to be true. We know our own imperfections and weaknesses and tend to think there is a point, especially in repeated areas of struggle, where maybe we’ve worn out God’s grace. We feel like maybe we can’t bring that to Him again because we’ve already failed so many times. We begin to push Him away–maybe just a little–because we don’t feel worthy of such great mercy and kindness. But guess what? It’s not about how you feel, it’s about what He’s done–and IT. IS. FINISHED. For real. The GOOD news really is that good! It really is ALL paid for–no matter how many times you miss the mark. There’s no penance to pay. No hoops to jump through. Just open arms waiting the moment you turn in His direction. And oh how He longs for you to turn in His direction! So go ahead–get closer. As close as you want. He’s waiting there for you. Always.

Thank You Lord, for good news! Thank You for the finished work of Calvary–for the mercy that covers me and for the love that draws me near. Always. 


“Love Letters” are simple messages from His heart to yours, posted at the beginning of each month. To read others, click here.